Dr. Hernandez is eager to help your family, regardless of age. To help us meet all of your family’s needs, we are pleased to offer senior dental care. When you visit our dentists for senior care, our team will strive to help you have the pleasant, caring experience you deserve.

While your experience will be very similar to other dental experiences, our team may focus on more specific aspects of your smile—the aspects that tend to become troublesome in old age. Some of the issues our team will look for include:

• A dry mouth: This problem can be caused by certain medications, treatments, or diseases.
• Decaying roots: As your gums begin to recede, your unprotected roots become more vulnerable.
• Stomatitis: Stomatitis is an inflammation of tissue inside the mouth. This can frequently be caused by dentures.
• Thrush: This disease is essentially an overgrowth of fungus.
• Darkened teeth: This can be caused by the thinning the outer enamel, and by years of consuming staining food.

Fortunately, our team can provide effective care for these problems. If you would like more information about our senior dental care in Fremont, California, we invite you to contact us today. We are anxious to help you have the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.